Stony’s streets are alive with the sound of music...

Stony Live 2011
Stony Live 2011

STONY Live is one of the biggest events on the calender around these parts, and fans of the 10-day extravaganza of sounds will be pleased to learn that the ribbon is cut on the 2012 event this Saturday.

Close to 60 events will spill out during the festival – from barn dances to appearances from respected local troupes (Hole in the Head Gang, After the Lights, Uncle Ray Band and The Blisworth Tunnel Rats are some of the well-known mobs stepping to stages in the coming days).

The sounds and events will spill from all over town with many a venue involved in the musical celebrations.

The Cock Hotel, The Vaults Bar and White Horse are some of the more obvious places offering a platform for local talent, but you will find goodies creeping in all over – take Stony Stratford Library for example, which will host Tiddly Folk on Saturday, a music and song workshop for the under 5s with traditional nursery rhymes and hands-on percussion.

Who knows, the next Grohl or Moon could be in the assembly...

Tasty restaurant Naidni is showcasing sounds too, while familiar snug The Fox & Hounds continues to host the best in blues and jazz on a Thursday evening, with Terry Marshall & The Hounds continuing to jam the good stuff.

Admission is free and a warm welcome guaranteed, of course.

There is far too much happening for us to be able to cram into a space like this, which is testament to the sheer hard work and endless orgsanising of a small team of people, who go all out to make Stony live the fabulous beast it has turned into.

To keep your finger on the musical pulse, and to find out who is playing where and when, you need to make yourselves comfortable and make tracks to