Store owner’s cycle trek from Vietnam to Cambodia helps seriously ill children

Russell Golding in Vietnam
Russell Golding in Vietnam

A Milton Keynes store proprietor has made an epic journey from Vietnam to Cambodia to help children facing serious illness.

Russell Golding, owner of the ZipYard garment and alterations centre in Midsummer Boulevard, cycled 540k from Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, to raise £4,375 for the charity WellChild.

Russell Golding at Angkor Wat

Russell Golding at Angkor Wat

The trek was a true endurance challenge as Russell cycled up to 100k per day in temperatures of 90 degrees at 90 percent humidity.

He encountered many difficulties on the ride, such as a monsoon thunderstorm which struck when he was still 10k from the finishing point for that day.

Russell, who was among a team of 10 cyclists supported by an experienced ground crew. said their success was down to strong team dynamics, good communication and a positive attitude.

He said: “The distance and the conditions combined to make this an extreme cycling challenge. It was really tough at times. But it was nothing compared to what the young people supported by WellChild face every day. I’m inspired by the courage and resilience of these young people and their families. And I’m proud to support WellChild – it’s a fantastic organisation doing a lot of impressive work across the UK on a limited budget.”

This is the fourth endurance challenge Russell has completed to raise funds for WellChild. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010, and has also trekked across the Sahara and through the Sumatran jungle.

The charity helps seriously ill children and their families throughout the UK as they deal with the consequences of complex conditions and exceptional health needs. Many of these children spend months or years in hospital because there is no support enabling them to leave. WellChild’s vision is to give them the best chance to thrive, at home with their families.

You can make a donation to WellChild via Russell’s Just Giving page: