Storify: How #LoveMK came to trend in the UK

#LoveMK campaign on twitter
#LoveMK campaign on twitter

A hashtag designed to tell the world how great Milton Keynes trended on Twitter yesterday.

The #LoveMK hashtag – the brainchild of tourism experts Destination Milton Keynes – rapidly become one of the most popular in the country on what was dubbed LoveMK Day.

This website recorded just how the hashtag came to trend by collating all your tweets on what makes MK great using internet tool, Storify. The results can be seen on our ‘Love MK Day #LoveMK’ storify page here.

From MK Dons to Bletchley Park, shopping to museums, walks in the countryside to the best food and drink, you came up with plenty of reasons to #LoveMK

Destination MK set city residents and workers the task of telling the world what’s great about the new city today.

The aim of the campaign was to not only promote Milton Keynes as a leisure and business destination, but also to harness the pride many people have in their city.

Storify: Love MK Day #LoveMK