Stranger saves mum’s life with CPR

Carmen and Justin
Carmen and Justin

A mother-of-four whose heart stopped because of a hidden tumour says she owes her life to a stranger.

Carmen Green, 42, of Brooklands, suffered a shock cardiac arrest on her way to work. Passerby Justin Crook saw the struggle as he drove by, and turned round to help.

Two months later, Carmen woke from a coma having had six cycles of life-saving CPR from her hero, Justin - who just happened to be a St John Ambulance volunteer.

Carmen said: “It’s quite hard to understand what has happened and to think that someone, a complete stranger, just stopped their car to help me. Others may have just driven on by, but that split second decision by Justin means my mum hasn’t lost another daughter, my husband still has a wife, and my four children still have a mum.

“Justin’s first aid knowledge kept me alive until help arrived. I can’t thank him enough. I’d also urge others to learn first aid as you never know when you might need it.”

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