Street children to benefit from charity mission

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A CHRISTIAN charity from Bletchley that works with street children in Latin America is turning its attention to a project in need of help in El Salvador, Central America.

Toybox is committed to helping street living and street working children and those at risk of becoming so.

One project Toybox is involved in is The Rescue Ministry in El Salvador.

This volunteer-led scheme is run by the Miramonte Baptist Church and provides care for children at risk of moving on to the street.

Andrew Gray, International Director at Toybox, said: “The Rescue Ministry carry out vital and amazing work in El Salvador. Fifty children attend the day project and over half of them are working on the streets to try and provide for their families.

“Yet, with this project, all of them are still attending school and getting a good meal.

“Ultimately this will help them to break the cycle of poverty and get the kind of job their parents could never have dreamed of.”

To secure the future of The Rescue Ministry, and other similar schemes, Toybox is launching a new fundraising initiative at New Wine Christian Festival 2011, called ’40 Blessings’.

Toybox is looking for 40 special individuals who can donate £12 each month to support this vital work in El Salvador and bring hope and future to the children who benefit from the project.

Toybox will be at New Wine South from July 23 to August 6 and New Wine North from July 30 to August 5.