Street lamp woes of 50 mile-a-day Milton Keynes cyclist

A man who cycles around 50 miles a day around Milton Keynes is in a dark mood with the council for ignoring his constant reports of faulty street lights.

Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:34 pm

Keith Lunn, 42, regularly informs the council that lights are not working, making stretches of road or redway up to a mile long a muggers’ paradise.

But he says not one of his complaints has been acted upon and he continues to be plunged into darkness.

This week the situation went from bad to worse when council officials told Mr Lunn they couldn’t repair the lights until he listed the lamppost’s individual numbers.

“How do they expect me to see the numbers in the pitch dark?” he said. “It would be downright dangerous for me to stop my bike, perhaps on a bus road, get out a torch and write down the number.”

Mr Lunn has mental health problems and says cycling helps him to feel better.

“I cycle six or seven days a week and do between 40 and 50 miles a day. I know all of MK really well,” he said.

The most dangerous unlit areas he’s reported are underpasses at Kents Hill, Monkston, Fishermead, Walnut Tree and Springfield.

Mr Lunn has also enlightened the council about a mile-long stretch on the H4, which is in total darkness, as well as 10 faulty lights on the Railway Walk redway near Bradwell.

“It’s dangerous because it means people could easily be attacked in the dark.” he said.

Ironically last month MK council received a £420,000 government grant to persuade people to ditch their cars and

get on their bikes.

Acouncil spokesman thanked Mr Lunn for his support and said many of his reports had been actioned. He said: “When it is difficult for us to pinpoint the exact location, we have asked for him to record the lamppost number.”