Street party brings residents on new development together

Residents on a new development in Milton Keynes got to know each other in a fun way with a community street party.

Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 3:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 4:12 pm
Brooklands street party, with Peter Simpson-Leek centre.

Neighbours in several streets in Brooklands, part of the Milton Keynes Eastern Expansion area, got together for the event on Saturday, June 4, helped by a micro grant.

The event came after two neighbours, Peter Simpson-Leek and Anna Coulson, set up a Facebook group for their street.

Peter said: “The group was created to act as a positive online space where neighbours could get to know each other and help each other out with tips such as when bin day is or when local events are taking place.

Brooklands street party

“Conversations in the group led to the idea of a street party, but with residents in the street having lived there for just a maximum of 12 months and the area still growing as new people arrive, the invite was extended to several nearby roads making this a community party.”

With the help of a £300 micro grant from Milton Keynes Community Foundation, the event was aimed to bring the new community closer together.

It featured a bouncy castle, giant outdoor games along with food and drink for the 50 plus residents to enjoy. The area which has a diverse community also saw a variety of foods including authentic Indian curry brought to the table for residents to share.

Peter, who secured the grant funding, said: “I grew up in a small town where neighbours knew and respected each other, but so often these days with people’s hectic lifestyles you don’t even have time to say hello. We didn’t have a reason to throw the party other than having an opportunity to take time out of that busy schedule and have a chat with who you are living next door to while creating a sense of community.

Brooklands street party

“I have lived in MK for eight years but there are many residents who have moved here from outside the city and so we hope that there have also been some friendships forged by the event too. Our local community demonstrates that the often criticised Milton Keynes is a great place to live with some great people living in it.”

The residents hope to maintain a strong bond following the party and hope to hold another in the future as the rest of the properties in area become occupied. Milton Keynes Community Foundation, who supported the event, have a wide range of support for community projects across the city.