Street vendors in Milton Keynes need to stay on top of hygiene laws or lose licence

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Approved food street traders in Milton Keynes are being urged to stay on top of food hygiene standards – or face losing their livelihood.

Currently they require at least a three star food hygiene rating to gain consent to operate in Milton Keynes.

This is a good indication that they have adhered to minimum safe standards - such as a ready supply of hot water for handwashing - and a clean, refrigerated area for stored food.

You need consent if you are trading within 60 metres of an adopted street.

Refreshingly, of the 62 mobile food vans that do need consent 56 already have a rating of three stars or higher, with just one rated at 2 stars - and due for renewal so will need to reach at least 3 stars - while five are still awaiting further inspection.

Councillor Catriona Morris, chair of both the Licensing and Regulatory Committees, said: “It is a great shame that food operators do not have to display their food hygiene rating score by law - but if you need to know what their score is, checking it out on the Food Standards Agency website is quick and easy to use or download the app.

“We are working closely with the mobile food trade to ensure that they know what is expected of them and keep good hygiene standards.”

More detail about the food ratings scheme is available here.