Striking firemen urged to re-think fireworks night

Fireman plan to strike during city's fireworks event
Fireman plan to strike during city's fireworks event

Worried readers have voiced concerns following a decision byfirefighters to hold strike action over bonfire weekend.

Firefighters will take industrial action from 6pm tonight to 6pm on Tuesday, November 4, in a row with the government over pensions.

But Citizen readers are angry with the timing which coincides with Keith Emmett and Son’s 36th annual firework display in Campbell Park on Sunday.

Daniel Collett said: “I’m not sure that’s the way to galvanise public support. In fact its pretty damn inconsiderate given the number of strikes they’ve already had.”

Concerns were echoed by ward councillor for Campbell Park, Ric Brackenbury, who said: “Firefighters won’t win much sympathy from residents by striking during the fireworks event.

“I’d urge them to think again about whether this is really the best way to protest.”

A Bucks Fire & Rescue Service spokesman said: “Emergency calls where lives are at risk will be prioritised.

“The service will continue to provide information before, during and after strike periods to help people avoid having a fire or other emergency.

“The information is designed to help you stay safe all year round.” The FBU was not available for comment.