Strum-diddy-dum . . .

Walsh & Pound 211210 Image by Paul Michael Hughes T +44 (0) 7790819111 E W
Walsh & Pound 211210 Image by Paul Michael Hughes T +44 (0) 7790819111 E W

ONLY single tickets remain for this evening’s performance by Magic at The Stables when they take to the stage with A Kind of Queen...

You have more of a chance to catch the boys at work tomorrow evening, when they present A Kind of ELO.

You know Queen, you know ELO, so you don’t need us to drill on about the material they will be spilling.

Instead, we’ll move to Friday evening and a Stage 2 performance by Bedfordshire-based The Nimblewits.

Expect an alt-country streak from The Jayhawks influenced harmonious trio.

On Saturday Elkie Brooks returns to the venue.

But, save for a few standing tickets, the box office is bereft for her performance too.

Did you catch that great clip of Elkie with Vinegar Joe on BBC3 a few weeks back?

How does Miss Brooks keep the decades from catching up with her face?

Give us your beauty tips, Elk!

Tickets are still available for Walsh & Pound, who perform on Stage 2 the same evening.

Will Pound and Dan Walsh have stunning vocals and banjo wizardry.

And you won’t believe the noises they can make with a harmonica!

Tickets to catch the exciting two-piece are a tenner in advance, two quid more on the door, and things don’t get up and buzzing until 8.45pm.

We know what it’s like: You’ve had a long and hectic week.

You feel tired, but wired, and can’t be bothered to leave the comfort of the sofa, right?

But wait. If you stay in, you’ll be bombarded by silly, contrived small screen music competitions that have nowt to do with real music.

If you go out, you will be engaged by real musicians making real music with no fanfare just plenty of style.

It’s a no-brainer.

Sunday night belongs to Milton Keynes Urban Orchestra, a diverse bunch of muso’s from the new city who take a musical turn from the classical, urban, pop and rock genres.

Pooling their talents, they have arrived at ‘a new kind of orchestra for the 21st century.’

Doors open at 7.30pm and tickets are just £3.

Can you afford NOT to go?

Sour comic Jack Dee is at the venue for a warm-up on Tuesday night, but tickets for that show are long gone.

Another new city talent rolls in on Wednesday evening – welcome back, Clem Curtis and The Foundations.

“It’s always been a great pleasure to be at The Stables and to perform for the many fans of The Foundations,” he said.

“This year I’ve travelled around the world and am looking forward to coming home to my favourite venue right in my own back yard.”

Call the box office on MK 280800.