Student Voice: Why we should leave the EU – now

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LIAM Andrews, a 19-year-old journalism student from University Centre Milton Keynes argues that the UK should leave the EU and stop wasting its money on it.

IT is about time that the UK woke up and realised that being part of the European Union is doing the country more harm than it is good.

There has been much talk over whether there should be a referendum on the idea, and it’s vital that this happens.

Nigel Farage, leader of United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has been the lead protester against the UK being in the EU at the European Parliament, where he has a seat.

An overwhelming number of people are now against the UK’s involvement in the EU, and as taxpayers we should have a right to choose where our money is going.

And it’s not as if this is a small amount of our money – £65 billion last year was spent on registration fees alone.

That rises by six per cent next year.

This is not to mention the millions that the country spends each day on foreign aid to the EU.

You cannot criticise the government that originally made us part of the EU as the reasons in the 70’s were obvious – helping the UK with trade.

However, the criticism should be aimed at the current government and the last Labour government for not pulling us out of the EU.

I have yet to meet one person who can actually tell me why we are still part of the EU, the only answer I ever seem to get is a simple “we should be in the EU”.

If somebody had a good reason why we should be in it and explained his or her reasoning then I would listen, but nobody has a reason.

Obviously the main reason this country is part of it is because of the trading that you get, but with the current financial situation as it is, companies won’t turn down trade just because you are not part of the EU.

Instead, they will take all of the money that they can get, regardless of whether your country is part of the European Union.

That’s the reality of the financial situation.

There is no financial gain by being in the EU, but we are wasting so much money by just being part of it.

Another concern over this is that immigrants from countries outside of Europe have to go through rigourous tests if they want to move over here.

Whereas, if your country is part of the EU there are no tests that you have to undergo at all, and you will be paid £985 when you come over here even if you don’t get yourself a job.

If we were to leave then this would then allow every potential immigrant to have the exact same opportunity to get into the country – rather than this EU bias.

There really is no positive that I can think of to the UK being part of this Union and the sooner that we get out of it the better for our country.