Students dig up piece of history

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History students from MK College helped to uncover footings of buildings at Bletchley Park, thought to be World War Two huts .

The car park next to the mansion was dug up as part of Project Neptune – the £8 million restoration plan – with students invited to help uncover more of the area as part of their course.

Historian, Dr Joel Greenberg, said: “Hut 2 was knocked down around 1950 to extend the car park. It was originally a place where people could buy cigarettes and beer and recreational items.

“In the early days Hut 3 was used for military purposes. It was renamed as Hut 9 and then used for admin and payroll. It is interesting to see how these wooden huts survived. We want to take this area back to how it was before.”

Duncan Lovell, head of the sixth form department at the college, said: “We had a call from the Park to see if we were interested in this opportunity and, of course, we were. This has been a great chance for the students to get involved in a real, live dig, using skills real historians would.”

The pupils started by digging through the area before measuring the footings which had already been uncovered. They marked significant findings with photographs for later study.

Lucinda Smart said: “I’m loving it. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid. We found a diagonal corkscrew and a piece of tape which had 4d off retail written on it so we will analyse that and see what it all means. I love it, codebreaking is fascinating.”

Fellow history student, Hannah Jones, said: “I discovered a pipe which could have been used for water and I’m completely in my element. I wouldn’t have naturally thought of studying archaeology but this is incredible.

“It’s so good making discoveries and finding out more about what happened here during the war.”