Students organise EU debate

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Sixth form students at St Paul’s Catholic School are awaiting the opportunity to cast their votes in the EU referendum after organising a topical debate.

Tobias Scoble and Joseph Hackett were among six students who took part. The pair also invited councillors Peter Marland and Andy Dransfield to take part.

Students Robert Healy, Kuda Dube, Helen Omoloyin and Henry Reddin joined Tobias and Joseph in debating the advantages and disadvantages of remaining or departing, with reference to laws, economic issues and border control.

Mr Dransfield then debated why we should leave the EU and Mr Marland proposed why we should remain. Finally, all the speakers took questions from the floor.

Head of Year 12 Katherine Anderson said: “It was an excellent debate and we were very proud of the way our students held their own against these very experienced politicians.

“We’re very grateful to Councillors Dransfield and Marland for spending time with us to debate this important issue and reinforce that students who are eligible should make the effort to use their vote.”