Students perform on their day off

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WHILE some youngsters were enjoying the day off last week, students from the Diamond Theatre School did something a little different.

A group of pupils headed off to Headway in Irthlingborough, a rehabilitating centre for adults with acquired brain injury, where they entertained patients with their ‘War Time’ routines.

Paula Diamond, Principal of the school said: “The girls had a really lovely time and came back with plants which one of the adults had grown and given to them.

“They were all very touched by this. They really are a super bunch of kids.

“They’re just normal kids, lots of fun and energy - not goody two shoes - kids who like to party and have fun but have grown up with singing in old folks homes, etc as part of their lives.

“They really do get a lot from it as well as giving so much to the community.

“We started our ‘War Time’ set just over a year ago with the intention of entertaining in the homes but it’s been asked for at so many events now.

“All our younger students go about singing all the songs too.

“So much so, we’ve brought some of the younger ones in to the routine. Instead of the uniforms they were ‘civvy’ clothing from that era.”