Success for Labour amendments, but Lib Dems plans are kicked out

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OPPOSITION leaders from the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties have voiced their opinions on the budget, drawn up on Tuesday night.

Leader of the Labour Party, Councillor Norman Miles said: “The Conservatives invited us to talk with them and discuss amendments we wanted to make to their budget proposal. There is certainly no pact between us and any other party.

“All three parties believe in good governance for the city, we have to do what is in the best interests of the people of Milton Keynes.”

The Labour Party saw all its amendments accepted on Tuesday which meant bulky waste disposal remained free and junior bus charges remained at 35p as opposed to rising to 50p. Leader of the Lib Dems, Councillor Sam Crooks was not as successful with his group’s amendments but he agreed that the city needs to be well governed in the next financial year.

Mr Crooks said: “I am pleased to see the city is well governed but I am disappointed that many of our amendments, which could have been supported, were not.

“We were looking to see bus subsidies reinstated but that didn’t happen and that along with our amendment on respite care were two we strongly supported and wanted to see go through.”

“However the most important part of the meeting was that we did what was best for the people of Milton Keynes.