Success story for 16-year-old bride celebrating 70th wedding anniversary

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When Doreen Lloyd received the Archbishop of Canterbury’s permission to marry at the tender age of 16, cynics told her the union would never work or last.

Seventy years on, Doreen and her 92-year-old husband Tom have proved the doubters resoundingly wrong.

Still “very much in love”, the couple are about to celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary with five generations of their family.

Doreen and former soldier Tom were determined to marry in January 1944, before Tom was sent to Italy to fight for his country in the Second World War.

Said Doreen: “Because I was only 16, we needed my father’s permission. But my dad had left my mum when I was three and couldn’t be traced. That’s why we had to apply to the Archbishop.”

The Archbishop’s certificate of consent is still a treasured possession at the couple’s Bletchley home, where they have lived for the past 55 years.

Their daughter Sue said: “They are an amazing couple and the family is very proud of them.

“It’s lovely to see them together. They still hold hands, even after all these years.”