‘Suffering’ Milton Keynes streets need joined-up thinking

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Traffic problems and footpaths that lead to nowhere are causing havoc on two city estates, claimed ward councillors this week.

Tories John Bint and Catriona Morris have slammed the design and layout of traffic and pedestrian routes around Broughton and Brooklands.

They say more council investment is needed on Countess Way and Fenn Street to slow traffic and finish off the temporary road surfaces and signage.

John said: “The council assures us it is doing all it can but that isn’t how it looks to local residents.”

Catriona is campaigning for better pedestrian routes in the Fenn Street area.

She said: “Each little area of housing gets ‘footpaths to nowhere’. There are no joined up routes and no joined up thinking. Pedestrian safety should be crucial.”

Both councillors have criticised MK Council for giving £40,000 to Central Beds council to help finance traffic calming in Aspley Guise. The cash should be spent on MK roads, they say.

John and Catriona believes there are design problems on MK roads that stem from the 2005 Development Framework, which carries traffic through community areas rather than grid roads.