‘Sugar daddy’ has a dark side

richard and hazel jerome court
richard and hazel jerome court

RICHARD Jerome and his schoolteacher wife Hazel were branded middle class squatters when a court heard of their elaborate cons in 2009.

The couple posed as affluent house buyers on two different properties worth a total of £800,000.

But each time the sale was due to complete, they invented a last-minute financial hitch.

And both times they convinced the sellers to rent them their home until the problem could be solved.

The plausible pair then squatted, rent free, for months and refused to leave until they were evicted through the courts.

In July 2009 Mr Jerome was sentenced to 15 months in prison for two charges of fraud.

Mrs Jerome, a former teacher at Willen Combined School, was given a suspended sentence.

One of the victims was a fellow teacher at the school and she lost thousands of pounds, the court heard.

The other victim was a successful barrister, who told how she was “completely fooled” by the well-spoken couple.

Within months of leaving prison, Mr Jerome was telling lies again – this time on internet dating sites designed for wealthy professionals.

Last year he appeared on Sugardaddie.com under the name ‘Rickyauson’, giving his age as 49, height as 6ft and annual income as “£1 million or more”

This year he has been advertising himself on another dating site called Afro Introductions.

Under his profiles appear old photographs showing him looking at least a decade younger.

He puts his status as divorced and brags about homes abroad, London getaways and international business deals.

Yet all this time he has been living with his wife, until recently in a rented flat at Wolverton Park.

n Have you been asked for money or been the victim of a con by self-styled Romeo Richard Jerome?

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