Supermarket plan fails following bid to appeal decision

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A planning inspector has refused an appeal which would have allowed a new supermarket to be built in Stony Stratford.

The development would have seen the partial demolition of buildings at Cofferidge Close and the construction of a new food retail store.

The decision to refuse the appeal was published in the inspector’s report, which stated: “I have found that the proposal would be harmful to the character and appearance of the Stony Stratford Conservation Area and the setting of the Listed Building at Nos. 7-23 Silver Street.”

It adds: “There would also be harm to the living conditions at 7-23 Silver Street and could be harm to local highway considerations.”

Following the decision, Rob Gifford, chairmanof Stony Town Council, said: ”Since 2010, when the Cofferidge Close owners submitted their first planning application (subsequently superseded by the 2011 version), Stony has felt as though it has been under siege for the last four years by big commercial interests at odds with the good health of the town.

“The owners were only interested in enhancing the value of their property not with estimating what the town needed or what local residents thought. The town council held two packed public meetings where the overall view was to oppose the developer’s scheme.

“The town council is delighted that a very thorough planning inquiry has resulted in the proposal to demolish Cofferidge Close has been turned down. This is a good day for our town.”

Mike O’Sullivan, Stony resident and former city councillor, added: “Being a new city, MK is full of 20th century buildings yet only two have been listed so far. It is now time for our city council to get a move on with its promised scheme for local listing of contemporary buildings and structures. That way we might avoid future confusion and upset such as we have experienced with the Cofferidge Close saga.”

The inspector’s decision is final and could only be overturned through a judicial review.