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Peace procession
Peace procession

Muslims took to the streets on Saturday to be part of a peaceful procession in light of the terror attacks in Paris.

The procession led from Milton Keynes Train Station’s Central Square to the Church of Christ the Cornerstone via the intu shopping centre.

At the church there followed an interfaith meeting which coincided with National Interfaith Week, where representatives from various other faiths including Christians, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindus, Sikhs and Bahai attended the speeches, film and presentations with an overriding atmosphere of hope and unity.

It ended with a prayer vigil for the victims of Paris, Lebanon, Syria and all other terrorist attacks.

The group carrying a host of different flags and placards with the message of Peace and Humanity, marched up Silbury Boulevard to the church to the sound of drums and readings to commemorate the anniversary of Imam Hussain.

The chairman of the organisaition, Dr Seyed Mohamed Mohseni, said: “We are here to keep the legacy of Imam Hussain alive and help to develop a greater sense of community cohesion and humanity.

“That is why we have left our own gates and peacefully walked down the streets.

“We urge all communities to stand firm with compassion and solidarity.

“We must not let these terrorists divide us, otherwise the terrorists will win. Let us not play into their divisive narrative, and instead show them that people of all faiths and none can live peacefully, together”.

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> Photos by David Rennie