Survivor talks about genocide

Genocide survivor Nedzad Avdic
Genocide survivor Nedzad Avdic

A survivor of the Srebrenica genocide is marking the 21st anniversary of the atrocity by telling his story to UK students and schoolchildren.

Bosnian Muslim Nedžad Avdić miraculously escaped death at the hands of Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995.

Nedžad spoke to students and staff at Sir Herbert Leon Academy last week, as part of a day of learning on genocide awareness that also included holocaust survivor Ruth Barnett.

One of the teachers who heard the talk said: “They were spellbinding.

“In 33 years of teaching, I haven’t attended a talk so moving.”

The visit was organised by the UK charity Remembering Srebrenica and supported by the University of Bedfordshire, after staff and students went to Bosnia-Herzegovina on the Lessons from Srebrenica educational visit.

Lecturer Dr Helen Connolly said: “Having been to Srebrenica, I am now determined that more people learn about the terrible genocide that occurred there and ensure that such acts cannot happen again.”