Suspended jail sentence for biker filmed at 150mph

A MOTORCYLIST who filmed himself riding at 150 miles per hour has been sentenced to a 51-week suspended jail term.

Robert Mark Owens, 48, of Whaddon Way, Bletchley, filmed himself driving on roads in Bletchley and Milton Keynes on four separate occasions using a helmet mounted camera in April this year. He then posted the videos to YouTube.

It showed him weaving in and out of traffic, performing wheelies and riding on footpaths.

Owens, appearing at Amersham Magistrates Court on Thursday, had his sentence suspended for two years, was disqualified from driving for five years and will have to pass an extended driving test as well as completing 150 hours’ unpaid work.

He also had 10 points added to his licence and had his £3,000 bike and £150 camera confiscated.

Police received anonymous calls about the videos and Owens was subsequently arrested.

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