Swarm in town centre is not the bees knees for scared shoppers

Bee swarm
Bee swarm

HUNDREDS of shoppers had to duck and run for cover after a swarm of bees chose to settle in Newport Pagnell town centre.

On Monday, June 13, a swarm of the insects buzzed into the town centre before settling on a bench outside Brinnick Locksmiths and Security in the High Street.

Bee swarm

Bee swarm

After a number of calls to the town council a bee keeper was called in and the bees were removed from the bench.

One local resident, Tammy Sydee, said: “I was working from home when all of a sudden I heard a tapping on the window. I looked out and there was a swarm of bees on the bench opposite where I live.

“People driving through the area had no idea they were there until it was too late and then they had to hurriedly roll up their windows.

“Some people walking through the town were stopping dead when they saw them. However, some were walking right in the middle of them without realising until it was too late. Then they were swatting them away and running to escape.”

Eventually, the bees congregated on a bench before they were removed by the beekeeper.

A town council spokesman said: “We’re not too sure why they all settled on the bench. It could have been that the queen settled there or in the bin next door and they all followed her.

“But as soon as we got the call we were quick to send a beekeeper to the area to clear them away.”