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MPMC Ian Roberts
MPMC Ian Roberts
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Singer songwriter Ian Roberts has won the award for best music video at the St Albans Film Festival 2014, for his song Sweetlove Butterfly.

Ian, who hails from Olney, and is supported by music giants Marshall

Amps, said: “We’re all obviously delighted to win best music video; we didn’t think we’d have a chance, some of the other videos were big budget and very slick. Ours

was made by my friends with no budget at all. In fact everyone in the video

and all who worked on it behind the scenes did so for free, because they all loved the song.

He added: “Not one person asked for anything in return, and I think that shines through in our video. No-one was pretending, no-one was acting, they were all just being themselves, and you can feel that when you watch the video and listen to the song, it’s from all of our hearts, and that is an unstoppable force. And probably

the reason we won best video award.

“It was a massive surprise when our name was called as the winners.

“Hopefully this award helps to catapult us up to the next level.

Ian credits Daniel Gentley who directed and produced the video along with

Christopher Simpson, Assistant Director; Edmund Swabey, Editor; James

Daniel-Wilson , Camera Operator; Matt Jamie, Camera Operator; Houmam

Abdallah, Colourist, and The Stratford Skaters who skated for many, many

hours to get the footage we needed.

Sweetlove Butterfly features on Ian’s recently released EP called “Come Outside

and Play” available from iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Ian is pictured with Annie Brewster, mayor of St Albans

Pic by D Rumble www.nativeeyeonline.co.uk

View the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjGJlH0-whY