Syria airstrikes ‘play into terrorists’ hands’

MK Stop the War
MK Stop the War

The UK is “playing into the terrorists’ hands” if it launches military action in Syria, according to protesters.

A MK STW spokesman said: “We wanted to draw attention to the forthcoming parliamentary vote over the UK extending bombing raids against ISIS into Syria.

“We believe that the escalation of UK involvement in bombing raids is potentially playing into the terrorists hands, making the UK an even more likely terrorist target and contributing nothing to the urgent and compelling need for a negotiated peace amongst the different factions fighting in Syria.

“Shoppers were asked to contact their MP to express their concern and urge a vote against the government proposals.”

Today Labour announced that 75 per cent of its members opposed UK bombing I.S. targets following a survey ordered by leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Prime Minister David Cameron is preparing to call for a parliamentary vote on British military action against Isis this week.

In a statement he said: “Every day we fail to act is a day when ISIL can grow stronger and more plots can be undertaken.

“That is why all the advice I have received—the military advice, the diplomatic advice and the security advice—all says, yes, that the risks of inaction are greater.

“Throughout our history, the United Kingdom has stood up to defend our values and our way of life. We can, and we must, do so again.”