TA units launch recruitment drive

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BLETCHLEY and Milton Keynes Territorial Army Units have launched a major recruiting drive.

The TA are looking to fill over 70 Territorial Army job vacancies.

In Support of the National Territorial Army Recruiting Campaign which was launched last week, under the banner of DO MORE – BE MORE, the units are holding recruiting evenings on Tuesday, March 13 at 7.30pm at both of their locations: John Howard Barracks in Blakelands, and the TA Centre Water Eaton Road in Bletchley.

1 Signal Squadron who are based at Water Eaton Road are looking for part time chefs, medics, mechanics, and IT Specialist to join their TA Signal Squadron.

E Coy 7 Rifles, based at John Howard Barracks are looking for Combat Infantrymen, as well as chefs and human resource specialists.

During the evening at Bletchley there will be a formal presentation by 1 Signal Squadron’s Officer Commanding, Major Fisher, while Regional Campaign Director for Employer Support Fleur Thomas will also be available to answer questions on how joining the TA can fit in with any full time career.

At E Coy 7RIFLES location at Blaklands there will be displays of combat Infantrymen’s kit and weaponry, and soldiers on hand to chat to.

Major Rick Fletcher, Area Army Recruiting Officer for Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, said: “The TA offers the best of both worlds to people who find the idea of Army life appealing, and the leadership skills gained are highly valued by civilian employers, and being part of the TA can offer a source of income too.

“The TA provides the opportunity to go on operations, to take part in adventurous training and to learn new skills that can also be used in civilian life.  Above all we have a fantastic camaraderie and team working ethos.

“The opportunities are there, life in the TA really is what you make of it and it’s a great way of combining Army and civilian life. As our new call to action says, DO MORE, BE MORE.

“Subject to nationality, eligibility and suitability we have TA vacancies in the region for Combat Infantrymen, communication systems operators, vehicle mechanics, electricians, logisticians, chefs, clerks, medics and other specialist roles. Last but certainly not least, we are also looking to recruit officers for leadership and management roles.”

The Territorial Army has launched its biggest every marketing campaign to raise awareness of its role and encourage people to sing up in line with the government’s plan to boost reservist numbers.

The Ministry of Defence Future Reserves Strategy was announced last year and it aims to reshape the British Armed Forces by increasing the number of Territorial Army personnel working alongside Regular Forces.

Call 7 Rifles at Milton Keynes on 01908 211155 or 1 Signal Squadron at Bletchley on 01908 638512 or visit www.serfca.org