Tackling diabetes in the Bangladeshi community

Spreading the word about diabetes
Spreading the word about diabetes

The Milton Keynes Bangladeshi Association held an information day at the Duncombe Street community house to talk about how best to minimise the threat of diabetes.

The event was run by the NHS, the MK Equality Council and MK Council.

Councillor Mohamed Khan, went to the well-attended workshop. He said: “Diabetes affects about around 5% of people in Milton Keynes.

“But many more are unaware that they are living with it and are therefore at risk of damage to their long-term health.” However according to Diabeties.C0.UK, the “ likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes is reported to be as much as 6 times higher in South Asians than in Europeans, with a number of factors - mostly linked with lifestyle - believed to

be behind this increased risk.”

Cllr Khan added: “Type 2 Diabetes can largely be avoided through choosing a healthy life style i.e. maintaining a healthy diet and doing sufficient exercise.

“The workshop was about starting to develop prevention work in the Bangladeshi community.”

Cllr Nigel Long, Cabinet member for Health and Wellbeing concluded, “This event is really good practice. Knowing that this community is affected more than most is important to know. I want to see more work across all the cities communities to address the challenge of diabetes and to help communities adopt life styles, greater exercise and eating practices that help prevent diabetes. That is why the event with the Milton Keynes Bangladeshi Association was so important.”