Tailor made for the silver screen

Geoff Souster
Geoff Souster

FROM Savile Row to Woburn, Geoff Souster is now making a name for himself on the big screen.

The bespoke tailor is the star of Three Blind Mice, a short movie directed by Chris Whitehead, following his life from dropping out of school through his 40-year career.

His career has seen him move to the prestigious bespoke-capital of Savile Row to return to his native Bedfordshire and set up Souster and Hicks with his family on the high street in Woburn.

“The film covers my life from leaving school to getting a job in the industry,” Geoff said. “I walked out of school and had to tell my parents, so I thought I’d give them the bad news with some good news. There was a tailor’s on the corner, so I walked in there and got myself an apprenticeship.

“People get the wrong idea about bespoke tailoring. You can look a million dollars in a custom-made suit, and they’re cheaper than you expect.”

As one of the few remaining bespoke tailors, Geoff prides himself on being able to provide clothes for the ordinary man but his wall is adorned with famous faces who he has come across in his career –from Eric Morecambe and Bob Monkhouse, to Michael Buble and James Milner.

Three Blind Mice has been so well received that it has been short-listed in the Documentary category at the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival.

Ian Miles, the film’s producer said: “We’re over the moon that the film has been recognised for the second time this year. We’re really looking forward to attending the festival screenings. The film represents all that we love about film making.”

Three Blind Mice can be seen viewed at www.sousterandhicks.com