‘Talk is cheap’ for disabled left with no telephone lines

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141125-165448001

A disabled man forced to live without a phone or internet for two months says the situation is putting him in danger.

Since moving into the bungalows in Stacey Bushes – the city’s first council homes built for 18 years – Steve Shuffle and his neighbours have been at war with BT over the issue.

He said: “It has taken a toll on my health because of the stress of having to struggle my way to the supermarket because I can’t do my online shopping.

“I can’t pay for bills, or keep in touch with friends on Skype. I have had enough – talking is cheap, I want action.”

Despite efforts by Mark Lancaster MP, his office say the situation has “sadly remained unresolved”.

Meanwhile BT have charged Steve £52 for their service, which they say has now been refunded.

Steve, who has dwarfism, added: “I am not like a big person who can reach up for things. I have to live in a bungalow like this so I can cope. If I have a stroke, which could happen because I am of that age when it becomes a risk, how am I meant to call for help?”

A BT spokesman said the problem has been caused by underground blockages to their equipment. Work to solve it is due to start soon.