TAXI for Shafiq: Ex-Mayor of Milton Keynes linked to immigration ‘racket’

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Disgraced sex scandal mayor Subhan Shafiq is linked to an alleged immigration racket that provides false documents for foreign workers, the Citizen can exclusively reveal.

An office at the councillor’s business premises charges people £500 to ‘pass’ an English language test so they can be granted a UK visa.

Yet the certificates for the test, which should cost £50, are suspected fakes with the name of the company spelled wrongly.

Mr Shafiq denies having any involvement, saying: “Rockfield Immigration just rent a room in my premises.”

This week the Citizen is handing evidence of this alleged fraud to police and urging officers to launch an investigation into Mr Shafiq, who is a member of the Thames Valley Police Advisory Group.

We are also echoing calls and petitions from the public for him to resign as a councillor.

The alleged racket centres around Rockfield Immigration, one of a number of businesses registered at a property owned by Mr Shafiq at one Wolverton address.

At the same premises he is registered as director of a motor accident claims company, a tuition centre, and an international aerospace company.

“Subhan has a finger in so many pies and he does things to help people that do not always seem right. But he is a very influential man in his community and many are scared to speak out against him,” said one source.

Over the past two decades the 42-year-old stalwart of Wolverton Mosque has risen from taxi driver to a wealthy businessman with a portfolio of rental houses.

But when Mr Shafiq was elected as councillor four years ago he neglected to declare some of his business interests. He became Mayor in May but his downfall began three months later when it was discovered he had given a reference for his friend, convicted rapist Nadeem Kiani, to receive a taxi licence.

A whistleblower has claimed two friends paid Subhan Shafiq £500 each for fake immigration test certificates – without even sitting an exam.

“Their English was very bad. One of them could hardly speak a word. They didn’t have to have to take the test but got the certificates anyway.

“They looked fake because there was a spelling mistake on them,” said the whistleblower, who will talk to police. ”

An undercover Citizen reporter called Rockfield Immigration on Wednesday pretending to be an employer wanting English and Life in the UK certificates for worker’s visas.

We spoke to an Akhtar Hussain and said we had dealt with a Mr Shafiq on previous occasions.

Mr Hussain said: “Subhan Shafiq? Yes, he can do this for you. First he needs to see your people and their paperwork.

“The next course is on November 6.”

When we enquired about the cost of the test Mr Hussain said it would be around £400- £500.

Mr Shafiq would “sort it out”, he said.