Taxi-gate councillor plots political return in Milton Keynes

Would-be councillor Robin Bradburn
Would-be councillor Robin Bradburn

An ex-councillor who defended his decision to allow a rapist to drive a city cab is standing for election again.

Liberal Democrat Robin Bradburn was the only councillor to sit on both of the two committees that 
considered Nadeem Ahmed Kiani ‘s application for a licence.

“Milton Keynes should learn from the events that happened in Rotherham.”

English Collective of Prostitutes spokesman

This was despite the fact Mr Kiani had been convicted of raping and assaulting prostitutes in London in 

Mr Bradburn had not responded to requests to comment at the time of going to press.

However, in Milton Keynes Council’s internal audit following the scandal, he stated he was “confident that the right decisions were made.”

He added: “So were the other members, but their leaders told them to apologise.

“Everyone is saying (Mr Kiani) is a risk, but he has not done anything in the 14 years since his release.”

The rapist scandal forced then-mayor Subhan Shafiq to resign, first as mayor and then as a councillor, after it emerged he gave a personal reference to Mr Kiani.

Two other councillors resigned from their committee roles, but when the story broke in August last year, Mr Bradburn was no longer a serving councillor.

It was confirmed on Friday that he is standing for election in Bradwell in three weeks’ time. His nominators include current Lib Dem councillor Robert Exon.

Reacting to the news, the English Collective of Prostitutes criticised Mr Bradburn’s planned return.

A spokesman said: “Milton Keynes should learn from the events that happened in Rotherham.

“Driving a taxi is a position of trust as you come into contact with women who may be alone and vulnerable.

“It is therefore reasonable that drivers are subject to a higher level of scrutiny.”

Milton Keynes Council has since reviewed its taxi licensing procedures.

Douglas McCall, Lib Dem group leader, said he would not comment because council candidates are “working individually”. He said: “I do not select local party members.”