TAXI-GATE: Ex-Milton Keynes Mayor vouched for asylum seeker who is now a convicted paedophile

Sex scandal mayor Subhan Shafiq has admitted giving a character reference to ANOTHER serious sex offender – an asylum seeker who is now a convicted paedophile.

This time Councillor Shafiq vouched for would-be cab driver Malik Aftab Ahmed when he applied to come to the UK from Pakistan.

But after his application was granted Malik was arrested and convicted of four counts of serious sexual assault – two of them involving a girl under the age of 16.

He is currently serving a five-year prison sentence and will be on the sex offenders register for life.

Mr Shafiq told the Citizen his Home Office reference was given “many years ago” before Malik committed the offences.

“I have not spoken to this man for over five years and I am horrifed at these offences,” he said.

It is understood Ahmed worked as a taxi driver, though Milton Keynes Council can find no record of him having a licence locally.

Mr Shafiq resigned as Mayor of Milton Keynes in August after it emerged that a taxi driver he personally vouched for was a convicted rapist. Nadeem Ahmed Kiani had four previous convictions for serious sexual offences, where he and a friend worked together to threaten women with weapons before raping them.

Although Mr Shafiq is no longer mayor he has refused to step down as a councillor –and his party has encouraged him to stay.

Last week the Citizen exclusively revealed Mr Shafiq had been linked to an alleged immigration racket that provides false citizenship test certificates for foreign workers. Police have now requested to see our evidence.

On Wednesday, as the Citizen went to press, a spokesman for Lib Dem headquarters in London vowed an “urgent investigation” would be held.

Meanwhile a Home Office spokesperson said: “We will consider all evidence we receive concerning allegations of fraudulent behaviour in the immigration system.”

Already one leading Lib Dem has admitted Mr Shafiq may have to stand down.

Councillor Ric Brackenbury told the Citizen: “Any councillor only serves as a representative of their electors with their consent.

“If they have lost their confidence or no longer wish to continue, the cost has to be balanced against the lack of effective representation in that ward.”

Mr Brackenbury even suggested the public should have the right to sack councillors.

He said: “MPs are discussing recall measures at the moment – maybe it’s time to look at similar measures for councillors to give power to our residents to withdraw that consent, should they wish.”