Teachers save the life of allergic pupil a school camp

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Hero teachers saved the life of a nine-year-old boy after he suffered a severe allergic reaction at a school adventure camp.

The boy, who cannot eat dairy products, went into anaphylactic shock and almost stopped breathing after he was mistakenly given the wrong milk on his breakfast cereal on Tuesday.

“Even before he had finished eating his face and body started swelling,” said a source from the camp, which was run by the city’s Caldecotte Xperience.

Staff at Two Mile Ash school had minutes to act until the boy’s throat swelled up so much that he would suffocate.

It was decided that waiting for an ambulance could prove fatal, and two teachers bundled the pupil in their own car and rushed him to Milton Keynes Hospital.

Doctors managed to stabilise him and he was released the following day.

The youngster’s mum said: “Without a doubt the teachers saved my son’s life. They were wonderful and I would like to thank them.”

The mum does not blame the Caldecotte Xperience, which she describes as “an amazing opportunity for local children.” But she is urging all such facilities to take special care when feeding children with severe allergies.

It is understood the project was using a new, temporary chef on Tuesday and he confused lactose-free milk with a dairy-free product.

Caldecotte Xperience head Rich Wyatt said: “We take safety as its primary concern. We are working with the parents and school to review the incident.”

The news of the boy’s recovery caused celebration at Two Mile Ash School, which had more drama this week when its financial advisor was convicted of stealing from school funds.