Tears of joy over Age UK donation

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Two workers at an Age UK shop hit by a burglary last week cried tears of joy when a generous visitor donated double what had been stolen.

Manager Wendy Goldsmith and assistant manager Pam Fox were elated when city landlord and property developer, Paul Preston, donated £170 to the Wolverton shop.

Mr Preston’s donation was one of many from generous residents moved by the shop’s plight.

Wendy said: “Pam took a call from Paul on Friday and told him to come in on the Saturday.

“He did and when he said he wanted to double the amount we had lost I looked at Pam and we were so touched we burst out crying.

“We are so grateful to all those who have donated and especially to Paul, it was an amazing gesture. To see the response we have had from everyone really restores your faith in human nature.”

Paul, from Giffard Park, saw our article on the robbery in last week’s Citizen.

On Friday, March 8, callous thieves broke into the Age UK store and stole the £35 till float as well as a full charity collection tin that had between £30 to £50 in it.

Paul said: “It was very touching to see how much of a difference it made to them. When I read the article I thought how terrible it really was.

“I wanted to do something and to be able to help them. I have no previous link to the charity but thought it is a shop in the community and for that reason I wanted to do whatever I could.”