Tech savvy teens are on fast track to film success

CARL Mason doesn’t have any doubt what he wants to be.

The 14-year-old doesn’t even hesitate before he says, ‘a film producer’.

RedRobotTV in action

RedRobotTV in action

But then most children his age haven’t already starred as a child actor and started up their own film company.

Talented Carl is one of a group of six 13 and 14 year olds behind RedRobotTV – a film production company that makes both promotional and information videos.

He formed the company at the age of 13 alongside friend Lewis Thompson, who – by the way – wants to be a director.

On their 13th birthdays the pair both received Canon DSLR cameras and decided to experiment with their video functionality.

RedRobotTV members, left to right, Carl Mason, Joe Thompson, Gloria Ogunyinka, Georia Whiteley, Lewis Thompson, Jordan Smith

RedRobotTV members, left to right, Carl Mason, Joe Thompson, Gloria Ogunyinka, Georia Whiteley, Lewis Thompson, Jordan Smith

But rather than simply make some fun videos for friends and family, Carl and Lewis decided to ‘start making a profit from videos’.

In July last year they approached the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in Quainton and, despite their tender years, quickly negotiated a price for a promotional video.

The project was such a success that they decided to create their own YouTube channel and RedRobotTV was born.

From that point on they started making regular videos, including a review of the new iPad3, a video of the Red Bull Home Run event in Central Milton Keynes and even a short film.

The company has now grown to include six members, namely Carl, Lewis, Joe Thompson, Jordan Smith, Georgia Whitely and Gloria Ogunyinka.

Carl said: “I was left with the dirty work of calling many companies to ask whether they would be willing to send some mobiles to review and test.

“After a few days of calling massive, important organisations I got right into the heart of Vodafone and persuaded them to send the HTC Sensation and the Blackberry Torch 9800.

“I also contacted the Prodrive racing facility where they test Subarus and Aston Martins and was granted permission to be driven around the rally track to test how well the two mobiles typed on the move. It was great fun.”

Other productions include Indoor Skydiving at Airkik and a dance-off video.

Carl added: “RedRobotTV has been the best experience anyone of our age could ever image. We are not stuck playing on the Xbox or Playstation like the stereotypical teenager. We are getting out there, having fun and earning a profit.”

Carl, from Little Stocking in Shenley Brook End, has previously appeared in TV adverts and believes the monetization of YouTube will help RedRobotTV make money through Google Ads.

But he added that the project is most important as a hobby.

“We are all big tech fans. We love the way we have been brought up with the way technology has advanced.

“Some people want to be footballers, but our generation is also focused on technology because it is everywhere.”

Another benefit of the promotional videos is that the groups have been allowed to keep all the products – with the exception of the iPad3 – that they have reviewed.

The videos are produced by capturing film in full HD with the DSLR cameras, importing them to laptops and edit them using movie making software.

Music and voice overs are then added, before a final edit makes the videos ready to be uploaded to YouTube.

The whole process can take about two weeks for a slick promotional video, although simpler pieces recording events can take as little time as an hour to produce.

Watch out Steven Spielberg...

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