Teen is First Aider of the Year

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Teenager Kimberley Stubbs has been awarded a St John Ambulance Young First Aider of the Year Award for her quick thinking and use of first aid when a fellow gymnast fell from a trampoline and broke her arm.

The charity’s annual Young First Aider awards celebrate the actions of young people who have put their first aid skills into practice in serious situations. This year’s winners include a nine-year-old boy who helped to treat an elderly man who had collapsed while shopping and a 13-year-old who saved his dad’s life after he suffered a serious arm wound and a five-year-old who helped her Mum when she fell down the stairs at home.

Kimberley, who is studying sports science and also coaches part time at her local trampoline club, learnt her first aid skills as a Sea Cadet at TS Whaddon in Milton Keynes. Her skills proved vital when one of her trampoline students broke her arm so badly that a bone pierced an artery meaning she could have bled to death.

Kimberley, 17, said: “It was a bad fall and the blood was spurting out of her arm like a fountain. Although it was a scary sight, my first thought was to put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding as I knew she could bleed out very quickly and luckily this did the trick. I had to keep the pressure there until the paramedics arrived to take her to hospital where she had an operation. Luckily she has recovered well and has come back to the club so I still teach her every week.”

Ian Mackenzie, Chief Officer of Volunteers at St John Ambulance presented Kimberley with the prestigious award at a ceremony at the charity’s historic headquarters in Clerkenwell, London on Saturday 12 May.

Ian said: ‘Each of the young people who have received this award has shown the importance of first aid in emergency situations. In some cases, they have been the difference between a life lost and a life saved, and they should all be very proud of their actions.’

Kimberley said; “It makes me proud that I have used my first aid experience to help save a life.”

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