Teen mugged at knifepoint in Stanier Square

Hannah Davis and Jack Fearnside
Hannah Davis and Jack Fearnside

SCROOGE-like strangers ignored a teenager’s plea for help as a mugger plunged a knife against her friend’s stomach.

Up to a dozen people simply looked in the other direction as the thug struck, while three others ignored a direct and desperate plea for help.

The real-life nightmare happened as 17-year-old college students Hannah Davies and Jack Fearnside were walking along Bletchley’s Stanier Square on Monday evening.

A white man in his late teens stopped to ask the time. After they told him politely it was 6.45pm he demanded Jack hand over his phone.

“He said: ‘I’m not joking –I have a knife.’ Then he produced this huge thing that looked like something you see in a horror movie,” said Hannah.

The man shoved Jack against a shop window and held him captive with the knife pressed into his stomach. He then called an accomplice to demand the terrified teenager empty his pockets.

Said Hannah: “I thought Jack was going to die. All I could think of was getting help.

I could see lots of people around and couldn’t understand why they weren’t coming over.

“The Christmas tree lights, were on so it was easy to see what was happening.”

Hannah sprinted down Queensway, stopping a man in his 30s to beg for help.

She added: “The words came tumbling out because I was so scared. But the man just looked at me – his face was a expressionless.

“I asked him again to help an just turned away and walked off.”

Hannah, who works part time at Marks & Spencer, ran on to a group of three men. Once again, two of them walked away upon hearing her story.

“The third, who was Polish, did listen but at that moment I saw Jack was free. He had handed over his phone and the muggers had gone. Thankfully he was not injured.”

The pair, both studying graphic design, walked to Bletchley police station – only to find it was closed. Fifteen minutes later an officer was sent to take their statements.

Hannah’s mum Lois has now slammed the lack of help.

“Where’s the community spirit or even the Christmas spirit? These were two respectable young teenagers very obviously in trouble. Somebody could have dialled 999 for them at the very least,” she said.

> Police have appealed for witnesses to the attack. Call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.