Teen to donate hair and raise funds for Cancer Research UK

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A teenage girl is set to shave off her hair and donate it to charity in memory of her grandmother and friend who died after battles with cancer.

Shannon Wedley, 17, will cut her hair off on September 30 at the Arcana Spa, Crownhill, and donate it to The Little Princess Trust so that a child cancer patient can receive a wig. She is also raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Shannon lost both her grandmother four years ago to cancer, and then just three months ago a close friend also passed away after losing a fight with the disease.

She explained: “When they shave my hair it will go straight from the Arcana Spa to the Little Princess Trust who will make a wig for a child who is suffering.

“It helps them through their illness knowing that they have support, and I just think it’s really important especially after I have lost two people to cancer.

“It would really mean a lot if people could sponsor me on my JustGiving page because it is so important that children with cancer get the best help they can.”

You can help Shannon raise a large amount of money for Cancer Research UK. Log on to www.justgiving.com/shannonwedley