Teenager hit by car in Milton Keynes dies one day after her 18th birthday

A teenage girl has died one day after her 18th birthday after being hit by a car.

Justine Connolly spent five days in an induced coma with serious head injuries following the incident just yards from her home in Medbourne on Friday.

The MK College student is the third young person to be killed on city roads in just over a year.

Mum Sue found her daughter lying in the middle of the road after Justine’s friend ran to get help.

She said: “It was just surreal. I was so shocked.

“I kept saying her name and all I wanted to do was pick her up and hold her in my arms.”

Justine’s family spent day and night at her bedside before she passed away yesterday morning. They praised the emergency services for their efforts.

Sue added: “When I was told Justine had been in an accident I thought she had fallen, maybe grazed her hand.

“We ran round the corner and I saw her lying in the road.

“She woke up as I got there, but she was hysterical. She kept telling me to take her home.”

Mrs Connolly described Justine as an “intelligent, witty and adorable” daughter who had just been given an unconditional offer from Bournemouth University.

The mum-of-four said: “We had planned to celebrate her birthday with cocktails in the Hub. I never thought we would all be in hospital instead.

“I haven’t stopped crying, I just love her so much.”

Five months ago 12-year-old Neesha-Leigh Dundon died crossing a dual carriageway near Netherfield.

Her death bears a chilling resemblance to that of Victoria Rhodes, 21, who died in March last year, also crossing a dual carriageway to reach bus stop.

The council offered its sympathies to the family, but added: “It is not appropriate to comment further until we know the full facts surrounding the accident.”

> Thames Valley Police is appealing for witnesses; the incident is believed to have involved a blue Ford KA. The driver remained at the scene on the V2 Tattenhoe Street near the junction of Vernier Crescent at around 4.40pm on April 17. Call 101.