Teenager in Adil case rejects defence claims

collects of 16-year-old adil basharat who was murdered by by 4 men in deanshanger, northants
collects of 16-year-old adil basharat who was murdered by by 4 men in deanshanger, northants
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A TEENAGER who witnessed schoolboy Adil Basharat being attacked has rejected defence claims the victim started the fight which ultimately led to his death.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named, was with 16-year-old Adil when they were set upon outside Kingsbrook School, Deanshanger.

Adil, from Milton Keynes, was attacked during a break from lessons by four men armed with a golf club and crutches on November 19.

A jury at Northampton Crown Court has heard the golf club snapped and was used to stab him in the pelvis, severing a main vein.

The teenage witness gave evidence from behind screens at Northampton Crown Court yesterday in the trial of four men accused of murder.

Questioned by Andrew Jefferies QC about whether Adil started the fight, he said: “Adil didn’t throw the first punch or nothing. He did not throw a punch. You weren’t there. I saw what happened and I have no reason to lie.”

Freddy Wilson, Adam Moore and Daniel Anderson, all 20, and Jake Batten, 22, deny murdering Adil on November 21. They also all deny a charge of violent disorder on November 19. Moore and Billy Billingham, 19, also deny conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.

It is alleged that Billingham orchestrated the attack as revenge for drugs being stolen from him a few weeks before, but got the wrong victim.

Members of the Basharat family left the court room when Professor Peter Vanezis was called to give evidence. The Home Office pathologist had conducted Adil’s post mortem and concluded the fatal blow had been into his pelvis which had severed his illiac vein.

He said: “It would have been a deliberate type thrust with a weapon which was held firmly in the hand. It has the appearance to me of a quick thrust because it would need some velocity to go through that area. A quick in and out. Something that was pushed in quick and pulled out quickly.“

The trial continues.