Teenager '˜shunned' by dentist appeals for help to save her smile

A desperate teenager whose teeth have crumbled away to stumps is appealing for donations to help her smile again.

Thursday, 10th March 2016, 11:59 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 5:44 pm

Nursery assistant Linzi Grant, 18, has been told by dentists that the NHS can do no more to treat her.

She is in pain from gum infections, can only eat soft food, and suffers constant humiliation when her patched-up front teeth fall out every time she sneezes.

Yet she says NHS dentists have ruled her only option – apart from dentures – is to pay more than £20,000 for implants.

A Type 1 diabetic, Linzi knows sugar is not to blame for the decay. She has regular check-ups and has had surgery twice for gum infections.

“My mouth is a mess but nobody wants to treat me. I think my case is just too expensive for the NHS,” she said.

“I wake up every day in agony because my gums are always infected and blood and pus oozes out.

“This makes me sick, and that affects my diabetes and sugar levels. I’ve been in hospital four times in the past year with diabetic ketone acidosis, which is potentially fatal.”

This month Linzi, who lives in Newton Leys, launched a GoFundMe page called ‘help Linzi smile again’ to pay for dental implants.

The Citizen relayed her plight to the General Dental Council and also asked NHS England if they could help.

A NHS England spokesman said: It is well known that those with diabetes are more susceptible to developing oral infections... We sympathise greatly with this very difficult situation and are working hard to find the best way to help the patient and restore their dental health.”