Teens use Facebook to save pensioner, 84

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Impeccably-honest teenagers used social media to help save a pensioner’s life when he collapsed alone at home surrounded by hundreds of pounds in cash.

The trio, all aged 15 or 16, spotted 84-year-old Monford Milner sprawled unconscious on the floor as they walked past his Newport Pagnell home in the dark.

Right next to him in the lit-up living room was £900 he had just withdrawn from the bank.

Cameron Farrelly, Emma Powell and Abbi Mayger knocked on the window and, unable to rouse him, let themselves in via the open front door.

While they called an ambulance, Cameron spotted a photo of a teenage girl –Monford’s grandaughter – on display on the wall.

Recognising her through social media, the Ousedale pupils immediately messaged 18-year-old Louisa Burton to tell her Mr Milner was ill.

Said Louisa: “I was at my boyfriend’s 18th birthday party. But I knew my nan was away at the time so we both rushed to A &E to be with grandad.”

Louisa and boyfriend Matthew Jones spent the next several hours in A& E – missing Matthew’s own party.

Meanwhile Cameron and the girls left the Milners’ house intact – politely ignoring the bundles of cash on the floor.

This week, as cancer and stroke victim Mr Milner recovers in hospital, his wife Christine asked the Citizen to praise all the young people involved in his rescue.

“You hear such terrible things about young people these days, yet what these teenagers did was amazing.They are all a shining example of the youth of today,” she said.

Mrs Milner, who is 75, had gone away for the night to sing with the National Barbershop Chorus.

“If the youngsters had not spotted my husband through the window, goodness knows what might have happened. They probably saved his life by getting him to hospital.

“He was on the floor, the front door was unlocked and he’d dropped £900 cash on the carpet... It could have been a real disaster.”

Ironically the Milners have devoted much of his working life to helping young people.

Mr Milner ran the successful former Stony Stratford Adventure playground for many years, while his wife was a play specialist at MK Hospital.

Said Mrs Milner: “We want to thank all these teenagers for what they did. Their parents should be very proud.”