Terminal history in Milton Keynes

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History is terminal in Milton Keynes - after the former bus station in Elder Gate was listed as a Grade II building.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has bestowed the status on the advice of English Heritage, thanks to the building’s architectural interest and inspiration on other buildings in central Milton Keynes

A spokesman for English Heritage said: “The former bus station in Milton Keynes has been listed at Grade II by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on the advice of English Heritage.

“The design of the bus station with its projecting canopy, exposed steel girders and lightweight supporting steel columns, draws on influential buildings by the acclaimed modernist architect Mies van der Rohe, whose ideology inspired the new town plan and its buildings. There is a sculptural quality to some of its internal features and the core building is detailed to an unusually high standard for its use.”

The building is now owned by the MK Development Partnership, and is leased to social enterprise Make A Difference which runs young people’s activities in the building.

Pete Marland, leader of Milton Keynes Council said: “Milton Keynes has an important place in late 20th century architecture and it is important to recognise that we have some examples of very significant buildings. I am always pleased when Milton Keynes is recognised nationally for our heritage as the most successful new town.”