Tesco cancel deliveries, but don’t tell customers

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AN 80-year-old man who is on oxygen and suffering with Emphysema was left without food because Tesco failed to make Christmas deliveries in the snow – and didn’t even tell him.

Mark Impey, who lives in Broughton ordered his grandad, John Thackery’s, shopping as he knew he would be away over the Christmas period so would not be able to go out and get it for him.

After going to the Tesco website and placing the order on Sunday, December 19, Mark was told his order had been placed successfully and would be delivered on the day.

Also, as per the note left on the order the delivery drivers were asked to go in and unpack the shopping – a service that they kindly offer to a number of customers.

However, on Sunday night Mark received a call from John to say the shopping had not arrived.

Mark said: “We were supposed to be going on holiday to our private family house in France the next day but because of the snow we delayed our plans.

“I’m glad we did now because if we had gone away my grandad would have had nothing.”

When Mark visited the website to check the order, he saw that the status of it had been moved to delivered. But on phoning Customer Services for the Wolverton store he was told all deliveries had been cancelled.

Mark said: “I completely understood the decision to not deliver on the Sunday because the snow had fallen really heavily across the city the day before.

“The health and safety of drivers is of course very important. But they have numerous numbers for my grandad and I so they should have called to tell us and we could have made alternative arrangements.

“They should have some sort of contingency plan in place to at least let customers know what is going on.

“You trust the site and if I had checked it without speaking to my grandad I would have assumed it had been delivered.”

Pam Farmer, from Portfields Road, Newport Pagnell said she had also encountered problems when her shopping didn’t turn up just before Christmas.

She said: “It was due to come between 6pm and 8pm Wednesday, December 22. At 8:45pm I was still waiting for it to arrive and decided I should give them a ring.

“An answer phone message told me that if my order was delayed I would be told by phone call or by text message. I’d had no telephone call so I looked at my mobile phone, but again no message.

I therefore decided to ring them only to be told that my order had been cancelled. I asked why I hadn’t been told and the lady said she didn’t know.”

I rang Tesco only to be told that my order had been cancelled. I asked why I hadn’t been told and the lady said she didn’t know.”

A statement on the Tesco website at the time said that although they would do all they could to help customers through the cold weather they would have to take all orders on a day to day basis.