Tesco defeated in Woburn Sands

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TESCO has withdrawn its application to build a new Express store in Woburn Sands.

On Thursday night, members of the Development Control Committee refused permission for the supermarket to move into the high street, where Tesco had hoped to occupy the former Woburn Zens restaurant.

Residents protested outside the vacated store two weeks ago and again at the Civic Offices on Thursday before the meeting, before filling the public gallery to hear the applications.

And the Development Control Committee refused to give Tesco permission to change the frontage of the store, knock walls down to ease access and make amendments to the car park, forcing the supermarket to withdraw its plans.

Frances Davies, one of the protesters, said: “It is fantastic news for Woburn Sands. I don’t know how much of an influence we as protesters had on the overall decision, but it can’t have done any harm.

“We want to protect our high street and the existing shops that are there.”