Tesco ordered to take down illegal banners

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TESCO has been ordered to take down banners that were placed illegally on the site of a potential new store.

The banners were put up at Tickford Works, close to the old Aston Martin site in Newport Pagnell, where developers are still hoping to have a store built.

The banners were erected in November as Tesco awaited official confirmation on whether it permission to do so.

Tom Lonergan, chairman of the Tesno campaign, which is opposing plans for the new store, said: “The damage has already been done by this devious Tesco tactic. People who are not in the know think Tesco is opening in Newport Pagnell soon.

“The fact is they are not. The planning application for a Tesco store in Newport Pagnell has not even been considered yet by the Development Control Committee, which will not have an opportunity to look at the Tesco application before the end of February.”

The Citizen asked Tesco to comment, but had not received a reply at the time of going to press.