Texting teens drove me jotty, says city mum

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A mum exasperated by texting teens has set up her own unique stationery company in a bid to woo children back to the old fashioned art of letter­writing.

Sarah Sibley scoured Britain, Europe and even Australia for the trendiest, most tempting notepaper, notebooks and pens she could find, using her own two teenagers as official testers.

The working mum launched Got 2 Jot as an online company and is hoping her range of more than 150 products will take the stationery world by storm.

“Like many parents I think it’s sad that written communication is becoming a dying skill in our children. They simply don’t know the thrill of writing on lovely, crisp new stationery, or the pleasure of receiving a hand­written letter in the post,” she said.

Thank you letters – or the lack of them – are Sarah’s particular bugbear.

“It’s all too easy for us to send a quick text or fire off an email to say thank you for a present or kind deed. Yet taking a few moments to write a letter or card is so much nicer for the recipient. A text is forgotten in seconds, but a thank you letter give pleasure for weeks,” she said.

Sarah is also convinced that stationery can be seen as a fashion statement. Many of her products were sourced in Italy, where the range and quality is the best in the world.

As well as pens, pencil cases, notebooks and organisers and sticky notes, she sells a ‘My Listography’ book for list-­crazy youngsters to write their favourite things, and an ‘I can’t sleep’ journal

To view the range go to www.got2jot.co.uk