Thai food stall quits Central Milton Keynes Market amid ‘bullying’ claim

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A woman who dreamed of serving freshly cooked Thai food at a Milton Keynes market claims she was “bullied” off the site by market bosses.

Thailand-born Su Seesopha and her partner Tim Pigden bought a food van and equipped it so Su could cook her specialities from scratch.

But, despite proving popular with customers, Su has thrown in the towel after less than four months of trading from her £300-a-week pitch.

“The customers were great and the other traders were lovely and friendly. The problem was the market organisers, Bray Associates” alleged Tim.

“It was as though Su’s stall was not good enough for their market and they bullied her off,” he claimed.

But Bray say Su was unable to accept the rules and started upsetting the balance of the market’s food trade by serving full English breakfasts.

Tim said the first blow came when Su was told there were no available electricity points.

“Other traders used the market’s power points but Su was expected to buy a generator and make her own. It seemed unfair,” he said.

“A neighbouring trader invited her to share their supply. But then Bray stopped it, saying Su was not entitled.”

Meanwhile Su’s van, which she called Sumit, was vandalised.

“We decided to pack up and go. We’ve had enough,” said Tim.

Brian Nunan from Bray Associates said he and his colleagues did all they could to make Su feel welcome.

“We are at full capacity for our electricity supply, so the rule is that any new traders requiring power must provide their own generator. We explained that to Su and her partner,” he said.

“We had to talk to her when she started serving the full English breakfasts as this was not fair to the other traders.

I am sorry she was upset and decided to leave,” he added.