Thames Valley Police's eBay page sells confiscated items - including drills and toothbrushes

A range of items can be bought in auction on the Thames Valley Police eBay page - from drill bits to toothbrushes.

Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 3:16 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:57 am

The force is selling off the items, which have either been found, confiscated or seized during investigations, to raise cash for charity.

The police use the page as a way of getting rid of items it has in storage that are either uncollected lost property.

A ‘Ladies Beauty Bundle’ containing bottles of perfume will cost the bidder just £7.50, whilst a Braun shaver is priced at £48.03.

A spokesperson exlained: “Thames Valley Police has an eBay site to allow for the disposal of property that has come into our possession.

“Property comes to us from various locations across the force, whether it be found property which is usually handed in at the front counters or by way of evidential property which is property seized during the course of an investigation. “Evidential property is booked in and held in the Evidence Management Unit at the relevant station whilst the investigation is carried out.

“Once all enquiries are completed a decision is then made as to how best to handle the property.

“Where possible we always try to return property however there are times when this is not possible or appropriate or items are not collected.

“A decision is then made as to whether it is suitable destruction, donation or can go to auction.

The funds from the auctions go into the Police Property Act Fund and can be applied for, via the Chief Constable, for donation to charity.