The £28,000 home for the homeless?

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A councillor, an anonymous businessman and a log cabin supplier have teamed up in a unique bid to wipe out the city’s homelessness problem.

They have devised a plan to build 100 new homes on a plot of land near Newport Pagnell for just £28,000 each.

The businessman is offering the land virtually free and the log cabin suppliers Jorntrahus are offering the insulated one or two bedroomed Scandinavian units at almost half price.

The only task remaining is for Stantonbury councillor Margaret Burke to persuade Milton Keynes Council to take her idea seriously.

“In Brighton they are using shipping containers, turning them into self-contained homes. Sheffield council is using caravans and another is using houseboats. Why can’t we house our homeless people in lovely log cabins?” she said,

Last year the council spent £1.4 million paying for the homeless to stay in temporary bed and breakfast or hostels. The ‘log village’ scheme would pay for itself within a few years and even show a profit from rents, said Margaret, who would use college students and people on probation to put the cabins together.

This week the businessman confirmed he would give the brown belt land for a peppeppercorn rent if they allowed the homes to be built.

Jorntrahus spokesman, Terry Newman, said: “Our Tallbo 50 cabins have seven inch thick logs and are warm even in freezing conditions. They’re simple to erect and they’d look great in Milton Keynes. We’d love to help.”